Black Lives Matter

Staunton Secular Humanists condemns the murder of George Floyd by certain members of the Minneapolis police. We stand with the black community of our nation and in Staunton and Augusta County to show support and call for unity. 

At this time, we need leadership in our country that unites us as a people, that shows compassion and empathy, and demands equality before the law and justice for all. We condemn and denounce the President’s response to protests and riots throughout the country, protests ignited by fear, pain, suffering, and a call for justice, in which Donald Trump has threatened the use of military force to subdue and “dominate” citizens of our nation. 

Now is a time to come together, and the Staunton Secular Humanists offer support to our community.  We call on our local leaders and legislators to come together to find solutions for a broken system.

Together we are stronger, and we hope to work together to build a more welcoming, inclusive community that we all share and call home.

Staunton Secular Humanists is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community group that provides a place for all people to come together to celebrate the human experience.